I love … love. I really do. When I am out, I get rushes of joy when I see love … a parent looking at their child, an elderly couple holding hands, that smile between two people when they know each other. Love, love, love it.⁣

And yet, love is something that can be hard and sometimes love is something that we struggle with. Personally, I spent 7 years loving to the wrong man. I thought I knew what love was… but I did not really. I allowed him to treat me badly all the while thinking that it was exciting and real and deep. ⁣

If you consider that Wuthering Heights was my all-time favourite book at the time – my view of love was probably a little off. Heathcliff was emotional, aloof, and cruel. Yes, he had a deep love for Cathy, but they never got it sorted and, in the end, she dies, haunts him and he does terrible things in the name of that love. To my young heart it seemed terribly romantic. I was also a big fan of Romeo and Juliet – you know the love affair that lasts all of four days from meeting to death again– it did not really teach me how to have a lasting relationship!⁣

My bad relationship taught me lots of things about the love I needed. So in the end, I did not settle for Heathcliff or fair Romeo. I learnt to appreciate kindness, compassion, deep love, and care. It took me awhile to work that out. ⁣

Now, that I see that love everywhere and …. I love it! When I see it, or I hear about it… it lights me up. ⁣

Yours in love,⁣


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